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Solute Confetti

Solute Confetti – An Amazing Product

Brendon Durey | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

One of the big hassles for confetti has always been the clean-up. It’s the single biggest impediment to a client using confetti.

Inside confetti can be cleaned up with vacuums, willpower or a clean-up budget passed onto a venue. Outside its often a more difficult prospect, particularly if it rains.

Biodegradable vs Water soluble

For years we have had clients asking us for biodegradable confetti for outdoor venues. It’s important to clarify the difference between “biodegradable” and “water soluble” while all our paper/tissue confetti's are biodegradable, the process could well take months for the confetti to biodegrade by itself. What these clients are really after is a “water soluble” product that will vanish quickly when exposed to the elements to prevent a clean-up being more then just running a hose over the site.

Thankfully after years of searching for a viable option our supplier MAGICFX has developed a great product that ticks all the boxes.

This is where solute confetti by MAGICFX comes in. Dissolves readily in water, can be used in sensitive locations near bodies of water and in many situations where normal confetti cannot be used. Disappears completely when wet.

It's advised when using it in front of a crowd in sensitive locations that the audience are informed of the soluble quality of the product to alleviate any concerns of littering or disregard for the environment.

The only limitation of the product is it only comes in WHITE.

 Contact Livefx Ltd for more information an MSDS or a sample now.