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Low Fog Effects - Introducing the Cryogate

Low Fog Effects - Introducing the Cryogate

Brendon Durey | Thursday, August 23, 2018

Low fog effects have been a mainstay of stage effects and even found it ‘splace on the screen in the occasional horror film. I think the effect even made the “Thriller” music video for Michael Jackson.

It can be used to make a heavier then air fog that hugs the ground as well as when ducted up to drop off a structure can make a curtain of could that can be projected onto if desired.

Back in the olden days low fog was exclusively done with dry ice as the consumable and in dry ice machines. These came in two main types.  

1. The classic peasouper where the unit was a water tank with immersion heaters like a big pot which had a cage on a lowering mechanism. The cage was filled with dry ice pellets and then lowered into the water. There was large gas expansion as the dry ice turned from solid to gas and this rushed through the ducting and made the heavier than air low fog effect.

2. A pumper machine which operated in a similar way except the dry ice was place on a  grill at the top of the tank and the hot water was pumped over the dry ice to achieve the same effect.

 The downsides of the product were 

 - The problems of having to boil water consistently and the power required.

- The fact it was expensive, 

- Difficult to buy, and heavy, 

- And could not be stored and only lasted a day or two in an insulated container.

 The Dry Ice Machine was practically made obsolete by the LSG (low Smoke Generator)The device was a mixing box with a cryogenic solenoid (valve). The LSG used liquid Co2 Cylinders which can be attached to the device to release Co2 to chill a stream of smoke from a smoke machine to produce the same effect with more output less down time and longer hang time.

The smoke machine uses a special molecular fluid which disperses quickly after its chilled and then released so the smoke does not fog the venue out.

 The Cryogate is the new generation of low fog effect machinery. It’s a special Cyro solenoid unit attached to a Co2 Cylinder which is compact mounted in a road case with its smoke machine. Its fully DMX controllable with adjustable Blower and Co2 levels as well as smoke machine output. It has large volume and great control.

 The new generation of Low Fog Effects. If you’re interested in trying the machine, get in contact with us and make a time to come by and get a demonstration.